Undefeated SongPop Champion

Ok ok, yeah my job may give me the unfair advantage for this game. You got me.

Do you play SongPop? It’s a game for Facebook and mobile phones where you have to quickly identify song clips by title or artist. I’m a music nerd so I got hooked on it fast – even though I generally hate games.

photo(6)There are the basic categories like pop, rock, dance, country, etc. But there are weird ones too like pro wrestling themes (I was a huge fan as a kid), 90s one hit wonders (I played every damn one of them on the radio at some point) and movie themes.  I’ve played so much awful music in my career from boybands to hair bands, that I have a ridiculous knack for remembering horrible one hit wonders and the stinkbomb songs.

Do you play? Take me on! After playing for almost a year now, I’m still undefeated. One weird glitch is that you can’t challenge me directly since I’m already playing the maximum number of people. BUT if you’re playing someone that I play, I can challenge you. Just leave a comment below of the name of the user I’m playing and I’ll find you.

Look up my profile under “GenoGeno.com” or “GenoGeno.”

Here’s a video of the game in action (this isn’t me, I’d have whipped this player!) heh heh

3 comments on “Undefeated SongPop Champion”

  1. Meagan says:

    Challenge me I’m a walking music encyclopedia. Hockeypuck6

    1. Geno says:

      Unfortunately I am out of challenges… pull up my profile though. Challenge someone I am playing and that way I can challenge you!

      1. meagan says:

        Ok !! If I can figure out how to pull up your profile !

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