TMI Live On The Radio

With my 40th birthday coming around next week, I can already hear my mother’s voice. On her 40th, I decorated the house with black balloons and let her have it with old jokes. She vowed revenge when my 40th came around. Even though she’s not here in person to let me have it, she got me plenty of times while she was with us… like this one.

I was on the air in California doing a morning show when the topic came up, “Do you know where you were conceived?” We called Maine to talk to my mother. The listeners loved her deep Maine accent, friendly nature, and brutal honesty. The running joke on the show was that she didn’t know she was on the air when we called. I would always say to her we’re playing a song and were on a break for a few minutes. We would put her on hold saying we have to go back on the air, when we already really were live.

I wasn’t thrilled about hearing the answer, but I figured for sure my mother either wouldn’t remember… or for sure she wouldn’t talk about it. I thought making her uncomfortable would be the comedy of the bit. It backfired.

Not only did she remember, she gave us vivid details of how she and my father had fun on the beach, apparently WHILE people were around. This all happened live on the air… and as you can tell by the end of the clip, I was a little disturbed.

You got me good Mum.

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