Radio Buddy Of Mine Messes With Justin Bieber Fans in Boston

One of my radio buddies up in Boston, Rich Shertenlieb, had some fun with Justin Bieber fans this weekend. Bieber Fever is all over the city and I’m sure it’s driving adults insane. So he decided to have some fun.

Rich found out where Justin was staying. It probably wasn’t too tough given the crowd of screaming girls outside. He walked in, got his phone ready to record video and walked back out posing as Justin Bieber’s manager.

Before Justin would come out, the screaming girls had to answer 3 simple questions.

#1: Who here loves Justin Bieber?

#2: Who here is Justin Bieber’s biggest fan?

#3: … I don’t want to spoil it for you. Watch the video! haha

Check out more Toucher & Rich bits at T&R is one of the best shows I’ve ever worked with. I worked with them at WBCN while I was with CBS. At the time they had just begun doing afternoons, but were soon tapped to replace Opie & Anthony for morning drive. WBCN became a sports station and with some tweaking of the show, they kept their old audience and brought in a legion of new fans. They’re two really talented guys who’ve taken over Boston radio, defeating the iconic WEEI in the first couple years.

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