Phone Numbers Worth Blocking

I signed up for Verizon FIOS recently and since I didn’t want to pay their “ransom” monthly to keep my phone number private, I’ve been inundated with “Welcome to the neighborhood!” calls from telemarketers. (I’ve lived here for 4 years.) Almost all are home security system telemarketers. Some are robocalls – even more annoying.

I signed up for the Do Not Call Registry, but that seems to be worthless. Only good thing is Verizon let’s you block phone numbers individually.

If you live in the Tampa area and have call blocking, here are the phone numbers I’ve blocked so far:

(904) 297-3115
(201) 257-4938
(314) 287-5544
(407) 792-0369
(561) 972-2494
(813) 252-1749
(813) 283-1890
(863) 840-9543
(913) 802-2434

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