Replacing A Stolen Prosthetic Leg

Listeners to my KHOP morning show in Northern California usually remember me as the wise ass who was pretty blunt. Instead of reminiscing about the show’s best moments or saying goodbye, it was kind of a 180 for us on our last show in October of 2006.

There was an awful story in the local paper that week about a 4 year old boy who had his prosthetic leg stolen. It just seemed so absurd. Who’d do that? The theft happened while the family was shopping when robbers broke into the family’s car.

Apparently there was no insurance. With his mother joining me in the studio in Modesto, I sent my cohosts and all of our DJ’s out all over the Central Valley that morning. To replace the stolen leg, we needed to raise $7,500. By the end of the morning, we had raised over $15,000. Not only did we get enough to replace the stolen leg… we were able to replace the one he’d outgrown.

It was a time when the Valley was all over the national news for being a haven for meth production, having the most stolen cars, and being where Lacy Peterson disappeared. But the Modesto and Stockton area listeners came through in a big way. It was an incredible morning.

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