My $3 Halloween Costume From The Home Depot Makes The News

I present this today for all the Tampa Bay Rays fans who are sour. Not all of us Red Sox fans are arrogant bandwagon fans with no sense of humor. Need proof?

costumeTwo years ago, after the Red Sox lost an enormous 1st place lead, losing 18 of their last 24 games, the Rays barely got into the playoffs at the last possible minute by grabbing the Wild Card spot. Was I bitter? Eh, a little. But even a kid who grew up in New England couldn’t deny the Rays comeback story was amazing.

It was Guavaween night in Ybor and I was working the event for Play 98.7 and Q105. But I didn’t have a costume. I did, however, have my Red Sox jersey on. So I made a quick stop at The Home Depot and one $3 purchase of some rope to make a noose scored me a costume that was featured on 3 different TV newscasts: “The Red Sox September Choke!”

Here’s the link to Fox 13’s story. Fast forward to about 1:10 in the video! Enjoy:

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