My 3 Favorite Songs You've Never Heard Of

When you work in radio, it’s easy to get burned out on the same songs that get played over and over. (I know, it bugs you too!) Unfortunately radio’s like that because the first thing people do when they hear a song they don’t know is change the station. That’s why radio stations are so hesitant to play anything obscure.

But that’s why the internet is awesome.

Here are 3 songs I love that you’ve probably never heard of. After you give them a listen (if you give them a listen), do the same for me. In the comments area at the bottom, put in a YouTube or two that you love that have never been played on the radio.

Like the Lemonheads? Check out “Life and Death of a Highway” by Furniture on Fire
I saw these guys play a tiny little coffee shop in Modesto, California about 10 years ago. I think they’re from Nevada. They’ve broken up and gone on to new bands, but I always thought this had a cool Lemonheads kind of vibe.

Like Panic At The Disco? Check out Division Unlimited

DU is a project by a buddy of mine who worked with me at CBS, Dacian Miron. If you’re up on the Tampa music scene, you might remember his old band The August Name. If it was 2005, this song would be huge.

Like the Goo Goo Dolls? Check out AM Taxi!
AM Taxi is a band out of Chicago that sparked quickly but the fire never really caught on. They’re one of the few bands putting out music whose CD I can listen to start to finish. They’re still together, but pretty much just playing local gigs around Illinois.

3 comments on “My 3 Favorite Songs You've Never Heard Of”

  1. Charles Ellison says:

    I recommend “different days” by Jason Isbell

    Look The Other Way by Justin Townes Earle is good….

    Also “Feet Don’t Touch The Ground” by Stoney LeRue

  2. Geno says:

    Really like this!

  3. Charles Ellison says:

    *Stoney LaRue … sorry about the typo

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