Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Shortage?


An image is making the rounds today of a shelf at Trader Joe’s. If you’ve ever had Cookie Butter, you get it. For those reading in the Tampa Bay area, brace yourself for riots when Traders opens in 2014 in Tampa and St. Pete. Their shoppers are rabid.

I went to the Sarasota store earlier this year and saw 2 or 3 women waiting for an employee to restock what seemed to be jars of peanut butter. It seemed odd. There were several other kinds of peanut butter readily available. When the TJs stocker came out, the women grabbed 2 or 3 jars each. Once the scene calmed down, I grabbed a jar of this stuff.

cbIt’s got the texture of peanut butter, but it’s a bizarre dessert topping. They crush up cookies and mix it in. It’s too sweet to use on a sandwich. I couldn’t figure out any use for it other than eating it straight out of the jar (which I did). A friend of mine in Montreal saw the pic I posted on Facebook of it and we struck a deal. He sends me ketchup potato chips, I send him Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. International trade relations are alive and well.

Some enterprising folks on Amazon have set up their own side business selling the stuff online.

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