My First Visit to Fred's Market

I just moved to Tampa 2-1/2 years ago and it keeps amazing me how I’ve missed some of the local must-do’s. I wanted to try someplace new for lunch and the reviews for Fred’s got me stoked. I’d heard of the one in Plant City but didn’t know we had one in Riverview. I’ve driven by the damn place like 30 times.


I’m a guy from Maine so I can’t judge authenticity when it comes to Southern food, but this has gotta be pretty damn close. Lots of butter, grease, sweet tea, misspelled food labels, and people wearing suspenders.

It was awesome. The fried chicken is the star of the show, but I pigged out on the sausage, cheese biscuits, cole slaw and banana pudding. And you can’t leave til you have one of their red velvet cupcakes. No matter how full you are, find room.

How homey is this place? They charge you $2 more if you don’t finish your plate.

wpid-20131122_132107.jpgI’m not gonna tell ’em it’s “tartar.” You tell ’em.
It’s homemade, that’s all I care about.

wpid-20131122_124308.jpgMenu is pointless. Do the buffet or you’ll probably get looks.



wpid-20131122_125559.jpgThe cheese biscuits might have a little butter on top.
Like Paula Deen amounts of butter.

wpid-20131122_131112.jpgGotta have at least one of these before you go.


wpid-20131122_132324.jpgNot sure if they stole this rocking chair routine from Cracker Barrel or vice versa.
But sit in the chair while you’re waiting for your name to be called for a table.
If you sit in one after your meal, you’ll bust the thing.
And I’d imagine they have a you break it, you buy it policy.


2 comments on “My First Visit to Fred's Market”

  1. Will says:

    If you have a chance you really need to visit Johnson’s BBQ in Plant City and the Original Fred’s Country Kitchen (also in Plant City). I’m glad I stumbled upon Fred’s Market in Riverview, and have made the drive twice now from South Tampa, but the Plant City restaurants put Riverview to shame. IMO of course.

  2. Geno says:

    The PC location is the original, so I have no doubt it’s better. It’s on the to do list! I usually only get out there once a year for the Strawberry Festival. This one’s just a couple miles away from me.

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