Why Facebook Ads Don't Work & Can Make You Reach Fewer People

Besides being a radio icon (yeah right), I’m also a social media nerd. Before going back on the air in 2012, I was the Director of Digital Media for our CBS Radio stations here in Tampa. That basically means I oversaw all of the web sites, social media accounts, e-mail communication, and text messaging initiatives for WQYK, Q105, WiLD 94.1, Play 98.7 and even 92.5 MAXIMA (and I don’t speak a word of Spanish).

When I went back behind the microphone, I had to start from scratch. It was time to start creating a web site, Facebook and Twitter for myself. I hadn’t been on the air since the MySpace days. And the radio fans I had left were scattered in other parts of the country from Boston to California.

Since nobody in Tampa Bay had ever heard me on the air, I thought I’d try using Facebook advertising to get my first “likes.” I didn’t really feel like spending a lot so I tried using a small budget of about $25 a month. It was gobbled up fast but not much changed.

I waited. And waited. My “organic” likes (people who actually sought me out because they listen to my show) grew steadily. But it was only once in a while a new “like” would pop up from a Facebook ad. And the one thing I noticed… anyone who liked me via the ads were silent. They never liked any posts. They never left a comment.

My experience was not unique. Facebook ads are not only a waste of money. They actually can make it MORE DIFFICULT for your audience to see your post. This video I saw today explains it simply but effectively.

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