Ultimate Warrior's Death Eerily Similar To Ending of The Wrestler

Can’t believe this is my 3rd pro wrestling post in a week. I haven’t been a regular viewer in years. But hearing about the passing of The Ultimate Warrior (Jim Hellwig) late last night was a punch to the gut for many of us who grew up while he was in his prime.

I’ve talked already about how I once wanted to be a wrestler as a kid and how my friend made it into the WWF / WWE. I’m always thankful that he was able to keep his life together. Many guys who went through that short burst of fame didn’t. Life on the road, wrestling injured, resisting alcohol and drug addiction, and losing touch with friends and family were all touched on in the Mickey Rourke movie “The Wrestler.” It’s frighteningly accurate.

As I went to bed last night, I couldn’t help but compare the end of Jim Hellwig’s life to the ending of The Wrestler. He had his Hall of Fame induction where he got to air his grievances, thank his wife and kids, bury some hatchets backstage, and then got to say a final goodbye and hear his fans chant his name one last time on Monday Night Raw before his heart gave out.

I’m thinking today about Warrior’s wife and kids he introduced at the Hall of Fame ceremony Saturday night. While I’m glad Warrior got closure (he truly lived his character and his legacy was important to him), this time is going to be incredibly difficult for them.

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