3 Best Pizzas In Tampa Bay

Pick your city: New York, Chicago or Detroit. After 3 years in Tampa, I’m pretty sure I can now safely name the 3 best pizza spots in these parts. All 3 claim to represent their town’s style.

Grimaldi's Pizza is the best in Tampa Bay. Make sure you order extra sauce.

Grimaldi’s Pizza is the best in Tampa Bay. Make sure you order extra sauce.

New York

Grimaldi’s at the Citrus Park Mall

I hate the Yankees. But one thing NYC does right is pizza. Any time I’m in New York, a visit to the Grimaldi’s at the Brooklyn Bridge or preferably in Hoboken is a must. The Bridge location is always slammed with tourists. If you’re on the Jersey side, you get to see the NYC skyline and avoid the traffic and tourists. Grimaldi’s started to franchise a couple years ago and you’ve got a few locations already open here in Tampa. The Citrus Park mall location is a hike for me, but worth the drive. They have nailed it. Authentic New York style pizza without dealing with Yankees fans.


Cappy’s Pizzeria in Brandon

Never been to Chicago, but I admire their take on pizza. Their pies are literally pies. About 2 inches thick of dough, sauce, and cheese. New Yorkers hate Chicago style, but it has its merits. And nobody does it as good as Cappy’s. I’ve yet to try their NY style. The deep dish is too good. Don’t be in a hurry. Their pizzas can take a good 30-40 minutes to prepare. It’s worth the wait.


Pizza Squared near Busch Gardens

The cheese spills over the side at Pizza Squared. So good!

The cheese spills over the side at Pizza Squared. So good!

Who knew Detroit even had its own style of pizza? It was Super Bowl Sunday and I wanted a place with both great pizza and wings. There’s a Pizza Hut behind my house, but please. This is the Super Bowl. No bland chain crap would be consumed on this day. A Yelp search turned up Pizza Squared. It was a hike and the prices were higher than I like to pay, but damn if it wasn’t worth every penny. As you can probably guess by the name, the slices are square. It’s a close runner up behind Grimaldi’s for my favorite in Tampa Bay. But the fact their wings are so amazing pushes them over the top.

Whenever you do a best pizza list, your going to get some debate… so feel free to leave your picks in the comments section below! I’m doing this list as a sly way to get some suggestions of new places to try! 😉

Here are some from Twitter!

2 comments on “3 Best Pizzas In Tampa Bay”

  1. sandwichgal says:

    I love Anthony’s and Cristino’s for some thin crust amazing goodness. I am a big fan of Grimaldi’s. Tour de Pizza in St. Pete is good for slices. Mellow Mushroom is good for a little something different. I also like GiGi’s for the quality and topping selection. I need to try that Detroit style, I tried to make my own and I need something to compare that to. Also…Gino’s East in Chicago delivers. I may have a pizza problem.:)

    1. Geno says:

      I’ve always been a bigger fan of Mellow Mushroom’s subs!

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