Chocolate Awesomeness: Cacao 70 In Montreal

When I lived in Boston, Montreal was a fun place to take a road trip to. The drive through the mountains in Vermont is a challenge in the winter, but you can’t get this close to a European getaway without dropping some major coin on airfare.

Since moving to Tampa, I still try to cross the border once a year. The cheapest airfare from Tampa International is about $360 and there are no direct flights. You’ll also need to make sure your passport is current.

Once you get there, your first visit should be to the supermarket to grab any essentials. Look for 2 things… ketchup flavored potato chips made by Old Dutch and something called “squeaky cheese.” Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s not refrigerated. An employee didn’t slack and leave it out by mistake. These 2 staples of my diet when I visit Canada can’t be missed. Neither can be found in Florida.

Old Dutch Ketchup Chips & Squeaky Cheese should be your first meal in Montreal as soon as you finish unpacking.  Any decent grocery store will have both.

For your first breakfast in Montreal, head to St. Catherine Street and look for “Cacao 70.” If you’re a chocolate lover, this place is friggin’ Paradise. Get the banana split waffles.



Or you can go the healthy route like my friend did and just get fruit… but yeah of course it’s got chocolate chunks and is drizzled with chocolate.




Every meal comes with a chocolate sample. They’re evil. They know you’ll want more.


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