Which Radio Stations Do I Listen To?

I get asked this often and I’m not going to BS you. I don’t really listen much to any of the stations I’ve ever worked for. If you’re a waiter, it’s pretty unlikely your favorite meal is at the restaurant you work at. Kind of the same thing with me and radio stations. People I meet get apologetic when they tell me they don’t listen to a station I work for. Don’t be! Hey we’re doing pretty damn well in the ratings… but everyone has their own taste!

Most of you who read this blog know me from being on the air at 99.5 WQYK or Q105 here in Tampa. Truth be told, before I started on ‘QYK, I despised country music. I grew to like (but not love) it. If I’m shooting pool somewhere and enjoying a frosty beer, I love hearing Toby Keith or Brantley Gilbert. I’ve done a few concerts… Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, and they were a blast. As for Q105, I love that we are playing 80s music now, but honestly the 60s and 70s stuff is before my time.

For those who listened to my KHOP morning show in California, I never really made it much of a secret that Top 40 music makes my head hurt. It’s even worse now. If I had to play “Selfie” every 90 minutes, I’d go out of my mind. I knew the time was getting near to call it a day on KHOP when we started playing Miley Cyrus’ first big hit. It was a blatant rip off of Sunglasses at Night. I didn’t care for the song when Corey Hart did it in the 80s.

So who do I listen to? If I’m online, it’s almost always WBCN in Boston. The radio station doesn’t actually exist anymore on regular FM, but they still stream. It’s the station I listened to 24/7 in college and is one of the legendary rock radio stations in America. WBCN is credited for launching bands like U2 and The Ramones in the US. I discovered WBCN in the 90s during the Nirvana, Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots, Blink 182 and Howard Stern era. WBCN went off the air in 2009. I was in the room when the last song was played (“Shine On You Crazy Diamond” by Pink Floyd) and was the first voice on the new “Mix 104.1.” It was a sad day in Boston radio, but the next generation of “radio” listeners won’t be listening to radio on FM anyway… it’s becoming an online world and WBCN will re-emerge and be rediscovered.

WBCN Online Player - click anywhere to launch the player and listen live.

WBCN Online Player – click anywhere to launch the player and listen live.

If we’re talking local Tampa Bay stations, here are my 6 presets:

1: 97X: The closest station to WBCN here in Tampa. The “pick the music” gimmick is interesting. The station hasn’t really caught on in a big way, but I get my 90s alt rock fix.

2: Max 98.3: I was on the way home from my Q105 show a couple weeks ago and heard this station play “Once Bitten Twice Shy” into “My Prerogative.” That earned a preset spot. I had to do a Google to figure out who they even were. It’s a small radio station in Lakeland. They play too much soft rock but the random nature of the station is fun. You’ll hear Stone Temple Pilots into an old Paul McCartney song and then Wang Chung.

3. FLZ: Probably the station I listen to least of my presets, but on weekends the mixes are a good soundtrack when you’re in the car and heading out for the night. Brian Fink does a cool old school mix I try to catch at 8pm Saturday nights. Last week he played “Knockin’ The Boots” by H-Town. I blasted it as I drove over the Gandy.

4. 102.5 The Bone: Guy talk. I was a huge Howard Stern fan in the 90s. I miss the King of All Media, but Mike “Cowhead” Calta will suffice. I’m usually not up early enough to hear Bubba The Love Sponge, but Drew Garabo is entertaining.

5. 98 Rock: Good DJs, but the music gets weird.

6. The Eagle: If you play Zeppelin, you get a preset spot.

So what about you… what are your 5 presets? Tweet me @Q105Geno or better, just leave in the comments area below. Be honest. I was. I won’t be distraught if you don’t put my stations in your list. 🙂 I’m just glad that you listen to the radio. The “cool” thing to say these days is “oh I never listen to the radio.” It’s BS.

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