Need a Good Hammock With a Stand

As a Floridian, there are certain must haves. The house I bought had to have a palm tree in the front yard as a daily reminder that I don’t live in the frigid north and will never see snow again. Instead of salt and a shovel, I’ve learned to keep a towel, flip flops, and a beach chair for emergencies.

As I chilled out in the backyard last night, I realized I’m missing one key item: a hammock. I have only one tree in the backyard. Plus I have a screened in lanai so to avoid swatting bugs I’ll want to keep it inside. So I’ll definitely need one with a stand.

This Vivere UHSDO9 Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand seems decent. It’s $130 on Amazon. Anyone have one or can suggest a better one? I’m a big dude (6’4, about 230 pounds) so it’s got to be sturdy.

This is it:

This is Amazon's $130 hammock. Has great reviews.

This is Amazon’s $130 hammock. Has great reviews.

Any suggestions? E-mail me, tweet me, Facebook, or leave a comment below and it’ll send me an email.

Bought it and it arrived yesterday. Had it together in 5 minutes and it made for a perfect rainy morning chill out in the backyard today!

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