Get Rid Of Lovebugs On Your Car With Damp Dryer Sheets

99% of the stuff you read on the internet is crap. But when I read this one, I had to try it. And sure enough, it’s legit!

Grab a dryer sheet, put it under the water for a second and scrub. The lovebugs wipe right off.
Grab a dryer sheet, run it quickly through the water and scrub the little bastards off. Plus, your hands smell mountain fresh after.

Being a relatively new guy to Florida, this invasion every year of these flying rodents drives me nuts. I’ll never forget my first experience with them. I was driving through Alligator Alley and all of a sudden, swarms of them just dove into my windshield. It was like something out of a horror movie. I could barely see through the glass it got so bad.

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