Use Your Old iPhone As A Security Video Camera

Got an old iPhone sitting in a drawer collecting dust? Dig it out and download an app called “Presence.” It’s free. Plug it in. Aim it at an entry way. Register your email address and wham, you can get an email anytime motion is detected with a link to a short video clip of who’s wandering around your humble abode.

Sure you’ll get a ton of bells and whistles with ADT and other security systems. But if you don’t want to get locked down to a contract or spend $1,000… this is a quick life hack you can have up and running in about 10 minutes. And it’s free. No catch. I dug out my iPhone 4 and loaded the app on that as well as my iPad. I turned on motion detection and did a test strut in the viewing range. Sure enough my phone beeped a minute or so later with an email to a video clip of my sexy strut.

The app is pretty simple and straightforward, but still has a bunch of neato features:

1) You can modify how often you want those emails if they annoy you.
2) You can switch from home/away mode which can trigger the motion detection from your phone.
3) You can log in from your iPhone or iPad and see live video (with audio) anytime.
4) You’re given 50MB of free web space but you can upgrade for a week (vacation?) or a year.
5) You can set it so that a password is required to turn off the camera in case your intruder notices your phone.

Only downsides – The video is not HD yet and there’s no app for Android yet. But they say they’re working on it. I got out of the iPhone world when the Samsung S3 came out and never looked back. But with my S3, I can still view the videos that get sent to my email.

TIP: if you sold your old iPhone or just don’t have one… do a search on Craigslist for an old cracked one! They are super cheap (around $50) and cracks won’t matter because you’re just using the camera function anyway. You just need an iPhone 3GS or newer or an iPod Touch 4th generation or newer.


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