Winger Performs "Seventeen" In St. Pete

Man this was a blast from the past. 80s hairbands were the soundtrack to my high school years. There was an event called “Hairapalooza” this weekend put on by 98 Rock. The lineup was embarrassingly enticing: Ratt, Slaughter, Great White & Winger. It was a low budget show. The show was advertised as free, but they charged $5 at the gate. Worth it – but barely.

I was on the air Saturday, so I missed Slaughter. Apparently everyone missed Stephen from Ratt, who no showed. I got there in time for Great White – who no longer have their lead singer, so it sounded like a cover band. Winger was the headliner and as much as I wanted to hate on them – I mean they were the hair band that everyone goofed on – they were actually good.

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