Geno on Q105 & WQYK

Those who remember me from the morning show on KHOP @ 95-1 in California usually are surprised to hear I’m on stations that play country and classic hits. Most of my career, I’ve been on the air playing Top 40 music.


Truth be told, country was lost on me when I started at WQYK. Thankfully in the studio there’s a computer where I can Google before I turn the mic on! Country’s grown on me a lot. As for classic hits, Q105 is evolving into a 70s and 80s station, which is up my alley.

20130203_130326For those out of the area, Q105 and WQYK are both iconic stations here in Tampa. Q105’s been around for over 40 years and launched the career of radio legend Scott Shannon. One of my first jobs in radio was back in 1990 running his Top 30 countdown on my hometown station “Thunder 107” WTHT in Portland, Maine. (It was on VINYL!)

If you were a “Geno and Jordan” or “Morning 3 on KHOP” fan, you’ll hear the less of a wiseass, friendlier Geno.

If you miss my sarcasm and blunt personality, don’t worry. You’ll get plenty of that on my Twitter & Facebook!

Recent show clips from “Tampa Bay’s Greatest Hits Q105” (WRBQ-FM):

Recent show clips from “Tampa Bay’s Country Station, 99.5 WQYK” (WQYK-FM):

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