$139 Million Home In Florida: Most Expensive in US

Check the change in your couch.

“Le Palais Royal” is up for sale in Hillsboro Beach, Florida – just north of Miami. At $139 million is the most expensive palace on the market in America today. Boasting 11 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms, it’s been under construction for 7 years. It’ll be worth the wait when you walk up and down your $2 million marble and 24 karat gold staircase.

Having friends over? No need for them to car pool. Your underground garage has room for 30 cars. And when they arrive, show them to the first ever IMAX theater licensed for private use.

Is the Florida heat and humidity too much for your pooch? Don’t worry the kennel has AC.

You get 465 feet of beach front and plenty of room for your yacht.

The 4500 square foot pool overlooks Atlantic ocean and comes with a poolside bar and 6 waterfalls.

Real estate agents usually get a 3% cut, so this one sale would score you about $4 million.

The ultimate irony? Besides the amazing weather, the cheap real estate in Florida was a big reason I moved here.

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