AM Taxi Concert at Mohegan Sun April 14, 2011

AM Taxi (American Taxi) is probably my favorite band I’m pretty sure you’ve never heard of. They’re out of Chicago, but I first saw them opening for a Sum 41 show in Boston about 5 years ago. They’ve had the typical runarounds with record labels and struggles with the fact there’s little to no money in the music business these days so unfortunately now they usually just play gigs around Chicago. On one of their last tours, they played a gig at Mohegan Sun, a casino in the middle of nowhere in Connecticut, about halfway between Boston and New York City. All of maybe 15 people showed up to see them. It was apparently a make good show they had to do. They were playing to a bunch of unused blackjack tables and blue haired old ladies gambling at the penny slot machines. Felt like a private concert. Super thankful they did the show. Chicago to Connecticut isn’t a short drive.

Raw concert video isn’t going to do the band justice, so you’ll probably only enjoy if you’re already a fan of the band. Check out their music here. I always describe them in a way they’d probably hate – they sound like the Goo Goo Dolls if the Goo Goo Dolls didn’t suck.

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