Chocolate Covered Banana Twinkies In Fort Lauderdale

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You knew when Deep Fried Twinkies became a thing, someone would have to up the ante. Gotta give props to The Pink Submarine in Fort Lauderdale for taking the Hostess masterpiece and stepping it up by dipping it in chocolate. They do the same with Oreos (in all their weird flavors Nabisco keeps throwing at the wall to see what will stick). But the chocolate covered Twinkie is new to me. And it tastes like it should have always been that way. Store bought Twinkies will now seem naked.

20141018_192141_Wilton Dr

Can these be found in Tampa? One listener said she’s seen them at gas stations.

A-ha… Hostess is already on the case. But they probably use cheap chocolate.

Known mostly for their Boars Head sandwiches, you’ll need to look for the chocolate covered snacks at The Pink Submarine in the dessert case near the back. Split a sandwich with whoever you’re with because you’ll need room. The subs are great too – it was the reason I checked this place out. After having a bunch of hoagies at LaSpada’s on previous trips, I wanted to try something new. Yelp pointed me to The Pink Submarine. It’s in the mostly gay neighborhood of Wilton Manors. Why are all the best restaurants and bakeries in gay neighborhoods? My gay friends are borderline anorexic.

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I have only one suggestion to top the chocolate covered Twinkie. It’s inevitable. The chocolate covered deep fried Twinkie. Psh. No brainer. Dion Lim from WTSP agrees.

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