The Doughnut Case at Datz Dough in Tampa

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It’s probably my favorite 6 square feet in Tampa. If live in South Tampa, I don’t know how you don’t weigh 400 pounds. Fortunately Datz and Dough (their bakery next door) are way out of the way for me. I have to make time every couple of months to block out for a visit to the heavily congested parking nightmare that is the Datz block on MacDill.

I don’t even go for the doughnuts. Datz has my favorite burgers in Tampa. But it’s imperative you save room for a doughnut. They always have unique flavors that change in and out. There’s usually a variation of my favorite – chocolate and peanut butter… mixed with chunks of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups or Butterfinger.

Click the pic a couple times to enlarge.

The choices when I went in today:

– Bacon
– S’mores
– Reeses
– Nutella
– Boston Cream
– Creme Brulee
– Raspberry Cheesecake
– Pumpkin Frosted
– Hot Cocoa
– Hot Cider
– Orange Creamsicle
– Pistachio
– Red Velvet Cake
– Chocolate Mint

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