Great Ways To Use That New Sinkhole

Now that the election is over, it must be sinkhole season because that’s all we’re seeing on the news this week. In all honesty, nothing freaks out this Florida transplant more than a sinkhole. I’d never heard of the phenomenon until I moved here and began house hunting. For those reading out of the state who like me had never heard of this perk of southern living, out of nowhere the ground below you just collapses. Last year a man died in his sleep as his entire bedroom just got swallowed up by mother Earth. How Hollywood hasn’t capitalized on this no-brainer horror movie of the year, I have no idea.

Yesterday a second sinkhole opened up in Pasco County just feet away from where another sinkhole devoured a car.

I’m the kind of guy that tries to look on the bright side, so here are my suggestions on how to use that new found extra space in your backyard. Feel free to suggest one and I’ll add it here as we come up with 10 Great Ways To Use That New Sinkhole! Leave it as a comment below or tweet it @Q105Geno with the hashtag #ItsNotASinkhole.

#1: It’s not a sinkhole. It’s mother nature’s way of digging a ditch for you to bury all that Bucs gear.

#2. It’s not a sinkhole. It’s underground parking.

#3. It’s not a sinkhole. It’s a pool foundation because your family was sick of your procrastination.

Some of yours:

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