Jason Aldean & Bob Seger Perform "Turn The Page"

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Oh hell yeah. This is f’n awesome. My favorite Seger song is covered by Jason Aldean for CMT Crossroads. This episode airs November 28 at 10pm. Bob plays Tampa February 5. Really hoping to go. I finally saw Bob for the first time at Orlando Calling a couple years back. Although a few years older, he still sounds incredible. As a kid I wan’t a big Seger fan – my mother was. But as I grew older, the music grew on me. And now that my mother’s gone, hearing his music is another way I feel closer to her.

This duet is just simply fantastic. I have to thank Bob Berry from Q105 for posting it to Facebook. Whoever thought to pair these two is a genius. Admittedly, I’m not a huge Jason Aldean guy. I like his music, but I’m not an uber fan. But he really shows respect to the legend here and stays true to the song. You can tell Seger is having a blast too, even though he’s played this touring anthem for over 40 years. The song is older than me. But by the expression on Bob’s face, you’d think this is the first time he’s had a chance to perform it.

Jason Aldean scores major points with me for this performance. I can’t even tell you how much I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the concert.

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