Free Legal Download of Eric Church's Album "The Outsiders"

ecFor the next few days, you can legally download “The Outsiders” from Eric Church for free. This is the album that came out this year and has “Talladega,” “Cold One” and “Give Me Back My Hometown.”

Eric Church was my gateway drug to country music. I’m not gonna lie. Before I started working for WQYK, country was lost on me. I had all those preconceived notions many have. Country is all about farm animals and beer. (Well, yeah people have a point about that second one.)

Eric Church (and Brantley Gilbert) turned this rock guy into a country fan. I didn’t know country could rock. I didn’t know it could be fun. I just didn’t know. Now I do. If you’re not a big country fan, now you don’t have an excuse – download the album. It’s free. It’s legal. If you don’t like it, delete it. Here’s the link:

The big moment that made me “get it” with country music was when Eric opened for Kenny Chesney at Raymond James Stadium. It was a sunny hot Florida day and just as I came back to my seat with a cold “Beer In My Hand,” he played my personal country anthem.

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