Throwback Thursday: Geno The Pro Wrestling Ring Announcer

Old photo albums and scanners are a dangerous combination. Yesterday, I found these pictures from a pro wrestling event from 1991sh. It was right around my high school graduation. I was the guest ring announcer from my first radio station I was on the air at, Thunder 107. It was my hometown Top 40 station so I was stoked to be on it.

But radio wasn’t my initial career choice. In high school, I wanted to be a pro wrestler. My buddy Scott did too. That’s him you see in the blue tights and white boots. I went into radio. He stuck with wrestling and eventually made it to WWE as “Scotty Too Hotty.” We were about 17 or 18. The big star of the show was former WWF Tag Team Champion Nikolai Volkoff. The little girl who is in some of the photos is my cousin Michelle. She’s now in her 30s with a kid of her own about this age. Crazy how time flies.







2 comments on “Throwback Thursday: Geno The Pro Wrestling Ring Announcer”

  1. Mike says:

    Highly enjoy reading these time capsule articles as I grew up a wrestling fan as well. Love hearing stories behind going to wrestling events for the nostalgia trip alone!

    1. Geno says:

      Thanks Mike – I miss those days. They were a ton of fun. I keep toying with the idea of getting back into it.

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