WBLM WTHT Frequency Switch in Portland, Maine In 1989

I’m still digitizing old cassettes and came across the frequency switch between 107.5 WBLM (rock) and 102.9 WTHT ‘FM 103’ (Top 40).  The switch happened when I was a sophomore in high school in 1989 about a year before I got into radio.  A pretty decent amount of cash must’ve changed hands.  102.9’s signal was heard “from Bangor to Boston.” WBLM dominated the ratings in Maine for years when they got the 100,000 watt signal.  WTHT became “Thunder 107.” It was only around for about 2 or 3 years before being flipped to a satellite oldies station.

The audio is me switching back and forth in real time between 102.9 and 107.5.  On WBLM’s end, the station’s air talent including the Captain and Mark Persky, Celeste and others are gathering items to load in “the blimp.”  On WTHT’s end, Dean Jaxon just played a few last songs and referenced Portland Press Herald and other media talking about “moving up the dial.”

After the switch, WBLM played a montage of rock songs while WTHT played Rock 40 songs probably hoping to keep some WBLM listeners.

Update: Received an email asking for the date. It was December 6, 1989 according to my friends in the Portland Radio Facebook group.

MP3 created from this cassette to MP3 converter (click here).  I highly recommend! $30.

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