After This Weekend, My Mind is Made Up About Uber

uber-logoIf you’re unfamiliar, Uber is an app for your phone that gets you a ride from an average Joe if you aren’t crazy about taking a taxi. I hate cabs. Watching the meter rate climb every few seconds in a cramped backseat with a crazy driver weaving in and out of lanes… I avoid taxis at all costs.

Until this weekend, I had only used Uber once. My flight got in late one night at Tampa International. It was 1am. I didn’t want to bug any of my friends. But a cab would have cost a fortune. The airport shuttles go to 5 or 6 different places before you get dropped off and they cost about $50. So I gave Uber a shot. Before I even got to baggage claim, my phone rang and my driver was waiting. I was home in no time. The ride to Brandon was about $25.

It was a simple easy experience, but many are giving Uber a rough time because it takes away business from taxi cabs. I get that, but I’m also for a free marketplace. If I can get better service for a lower price, I’m going to take advantage of it.

This past weekend, I met up with some friends in Fort Lauderdale. We stayed on the beach at the Sonesta. Awesome view from the room. Beautiful hotel. Got to chill in the cabana poolside. But the one big downside of staying on the beach is parking rates are insane. The rate was $30 a day. Also I didn’t want to do much driving because I knew we’d be drinking. So instead we left our car at a friend’s place and just used Uber to get around.

After 6 or 7 rides with various Uber drivers, I’m sold on Uber. Drivers were friendly. The cars were clean and in great shape. The wait for a ride was never more than a couple minutes. And it’s cheap. A 10 minute ride usually cost about $5. There’s no tipping as the entire transaction is done via the app – there’s no cash involved. I was starting to wonder if I should just sell my car when I got back to Tampa. Paying for car insurance, gas, tolls, car repairs, etc… or just having your own driver whenever you want one. If I didn’t have a long commute to the station, I seriously would probably give up driving.

If you want to try Uber…

If you ever need a ride and haven’t tried Uber, I have a promo code that gets you your first ride free (up to $20). You just download the app to your phone and enter in your information. Then look for the promo code button and type in 74i51 for the free ride. Store that on your phone in case you or a friend ever need a ride. It’ll only work once. Uber knows once you try the service, you’ll probably use it again. They’re right. I’m sold.

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