5 Reasons To Host A Lightning Game 6 Watch Party At Amalie Arena

Tampa Bay Lightning ForumGame 6 at this point may not be necessary, but plans have to be made now if it happens. The watch party was moved to Curtis Hixon Park because of the crowd size. As we get closer to the Cup, the crowds will get bigger. Let’s do this right and move the final away game watch party to Amalie Arena and make a statement! Here are 5 reasons the Tampa Bay Lightning
should host their Game 6 watch party at Amalie Arena!

1) Shut up the northerners who say Tampa isn’t a hockey town.

I was in Montreal last year when the Canadiens were in NYC facing elimination against the Rangers. I’d never heard a crowd as loud… and the game was in NY. Fans filled the Forum to watch on TV. The ice laser show and full production was there – the game just happened to be hundreds of miles away.

2) Safety

Police worried about any celebrations can control situations far better at Amalie than they can at Curtis Hixon Park. Alcohol consumption can be monitored. They’ll be plenty of security. Amalie’s staff is top notch.

3) Charity
Charge $10-15 for a ticket to cover the arena’s costs. Merch and concessions will surely make it a profitable night. Donate a percentage raised to Lightning charities.

4) It might be the closest we’ll see to having the Cup raised at Amalie.
A Bolts win Wednesday means Saturday could be it. We’d lift the Cup in Tampa. That’d be great. But Chicago’s desperate and tough. If they win one, hosting the watch party at Amalie means fans could celebrate together where this incredible season has played out.

5) Affordable
This is an easy way for Lightning fans who can’t pay hundreds for a ticket to feel like they’re a part of this team’s success story. A family of 4 could see the sights, eat the food, and cheer the team on for under $100.

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