Typewriter Guy on KHOP Nails Beyonce “Naughty Girls”


One of my favorite memories of working at KHOP was Bob “Typewriter Guy” Mohr. Bob had been on the air in Northern California for years. When we’d see him around the building, he’d keep to himself and we wondered if he didn’t like us. Always one for making awkward happen on the air, I said we should bring him in and ask him in person live on the air. On the show we just referred to him as “Typewriter Guy” because he didn’t have a computer in his cubicle. He had an old school manual typewriter. He never even upgraded to electric. The awkward moment turned into awesome radio. We started having him come on with us regularly for “Tunes From The Typewriter Tuesday,” having him perform the raunchiest KHOP songs we were playing at the time… his way. I’m sad to say Bob passed a few years ago, but smiled when I heard about how he gained a new legion of fans by coming on the show every week.

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