MGK “Wild Boy” at Venue 578 in Orlando

I’m pretty certain I was the only one at the Machine Gun Kelly concert last night that was at the Big and Rich concert Friday at the Strawberry Festival. Just a hunch.

MGK performed at Venue 578 in Orlando last night (March 6, 2016). The kid puts on an incredible live show. He’s in Tampa playing a club show in Ybor tonight but I’ll be on the air.

Some great parenting. A couple brought their 8 year old kids. (The couple looked like they’re in their early 20s.) As f bombs and weed smoke wafted through the club, they wanted to enjoy the concert in the mosh pit so they left them sitting on the speakers with no ear protection blocking everyone’s view in that section. The artists were cool with the kids though high fiving them and making sure they were ok. At one point, Machine Gun Kelly tossed them into the crowd to crowd surf. Orlando child protective services clearly had the night off.

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