Cheap way to avoid spending $3,000 on new countertops

imageSince moving to the Pinellas side of Tampa Bay, I’ve noticed there must have a been a big sale on cheap cabinets and countertops in the 90s when all these condos were built. I like granite, but didn’t want to blow $4,000 to have it installed. Even laminate countertops, as basic as they are, can run thousands. Looking for a life hack, I took to Google and found this. They’re fake granite countertops. It’s really just a paint kit. But it saved me a ton of cash. Giani is the maker of these: Giani Countertop Paint Kit, White Diamond

imageThe pros:

  • It’s cheap.
  • Looks good.

The cons:

  • You’re not going to fool anyone in thinking you have granite. It just looks like a nice laminate.
  • Time consuming: prep well because paint drops will go everywhere.

I’ve only done 1/2 my kitchen. The good thing is if I decide this doesn’t cut it, I’m just out $80. If I put in new countertops, I’m going to drop $3-5,000 anyway so $80? It was worth a shot.

Here’s the link to the color I used – they have a bunch of variations. The kits run about $100 in stores around Tampa. On Amazon they run from $60-80 depending if it’s on sale or not.

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