Charlie Daniels Country Concert at The Dallas Bull For The Angelus House

I’ve got to thank whoever sneezed on Cadillac Jack and got him sick so I could fill in for him to host the annual Angelus Country Concert at The Dallas Bull.  It was an incredible night.


The legend.

Montgomery Gentry – one of those cool career moments. The first time I finally get to see them live, I get to meet and introduce them.  Sometimes this job really doesn’t suck!

One of the best voices in country music – Craig Wayne Boyd (winner of The Voice).
Guy has gone through the whole record company politics mess.
He says we’ll get some new music this year.

Saw this backstage – an Eric Church concert poster. Imagine seeing him now for $9.95 in a bar?

Didn’t think to get a picture with him, but also got a chance to meet and talk to Chad Brock, who many WQYK listeners will remember as our morning guy with Cledus T. Judd.  


Confederate Railroad doin’ “Trashy Women”

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