The 5 Most Annoying Christmas Songs Of All Time

Leave it to me on Christmas week to do a post like this. But I was driving this weekend listening to our sister station Santa 98.7 to get in the holiday mood. And then it came on. That one Christmas song that makes you cringe. You have one. I have one. We all do. So I asked my Facebook friends to pick the 5 worst ever.

Here were the results:

#5: Christmas Shoes nominated by Julie in Tampa
This one will be controversial. It’s probably one of the most requested Christmas songs every year. It’s the one request that makes us DJ’s cringe. Usually we try to keep things happy and fun when it Christmas songs. It tugs at the heart strings but this song is the ultimate downer and Christmas mood killer.

#4: Jingle Bells by the Singing Dogs nominated by Pat in Tampa
I do remember being fascinated by this one as a kid. In the 80s, the only thing I wanted under the Christmas tree (besides an Atari 2600) was one of those Casio keyboards that let you sample your voice so you could play it in different notes like they did for this song.

#3: Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer nominated by Cindy in New Port Richey
I thought this one would run away with it.

#2: Feliz Navidad nominated by Anjela
Have to admit. This was the song that I heard that inspired this poll. Anjela’s kids are not too crazy about it either apparently: “My kids used to sing “Fleas on My Dog” everytime it came on.”

#1: Santa Baby nominated by Eddie in Maryland
“It grates my nerves” said Eddie. Whether it’s the Eatha Kitt, Taylor Swift, Marilyn Monroe version or Madonna’s cover from the 80s, this is the one that my Facebook friends collectively hated most.

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