The 5 Stages of Celebrity Loss: Cyber Mourning

1. Denial – Deny anyone else’s chance to beat you to posting about the celebrity’s death first. Don’t worry about poor grammar or minor things like spelling the celebrity’s name correctly. It’s important you’re the first one to report the news on your friends’ timeline.

2. Anger – You’re angry because someone else already posted the death first so you need to one up them by coming up with the most significant personal experience to this celebrity’s passing, even if it’s completely insignificant or not at all personal.

3. Bargaining – If only you could have thought of that meme before your old high school classmate you forgot you friended.

4. Depression – Sadness over the celebrity’s passing. Don’t worry. This stage is short.

5. Acceptance – 30 seconds later, you accept this has no impact on your life. You blame the year and move on. Because celebrities haven’t died in other years.

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