Geno’s Deals

Grimaldi’s Pizza is the best in Tampa. Make sure you order extra sauce.

When you see me rave about some restaurant, it’s for real. They didn’t give me a free meal. They didn’t pay me. I love food. And when I find a good place, I want to make sure they stick around so I spread the word. Same with the companies I’m going to list here. I use their services.

You see celebrities on TV or people on the radio here in Tampa talking about how out-of-this-world their pillow is… or how they lost hundreds of pounds on some miracle diet. You know the deal right? Yeah, they were paid. In my 7 years on the radio in Tampa, I’ve only endorsed one advertiser. That’s because I was a fan of theirs before the radio station asked me to read their script. It was for Steak ‘N Shake. And I love that place. I don’t endorse anything I haven’t paid for myself.

Cricket Wireless – $25 Account Credit
I’ve been a T-Mobile and AT&T customer and liked it. But I’m a big fan of spending less and not being shocked when I see my cell phone bill so I switched to Cricket about 2 years ago. Their plans are simple. Talk all you want. Text all you want. Use as much data as you want. You pay the same price no matter what. No taxes. No fees. No surcharges. The plan I use is $45 a month and I use a LOT of data. I’m a big fan of Cricket.

The Deal:  Go to to sign up or switch your existing cell phone over to Cricket. You and I will both get $25 in credit.

AirBnB – $40 Account Credit
This one I was hesitant to try. Staying at someone else’s place seemed odd to me. But I’ve had nothing but great experiences with AirBnB. You can save some serious cash over hotels. While I wouldn’t use AirBnB in a place like Las Vegas (the hotels are far more exciting), I’ve used AirBnB in a bunch of places like Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boston, and New York. You’ll pay half what hotels charge and plus you get to feel less like a tourist. You can rent a room or an entire place. And you can zero in on a map to a specific area you want to stay in. And I like you can read real reviews by people who’ve stayed at the place you’re looking at.

The Deal: Go to to sign up for an account… even if you’re not booking a room right away, you’ll get a $40 account credit and I will too.

Uber – 1 Free Ride
I’m just not a fan of taxis. Some cabs smell weird. Some drivers speed like maniacs. I’ve never had a bad experience with Uber. The rates are far more reasonable than cabs. The drivers are almost always friendly because they need to keep a high rating. And if there’s a problem, Uber will make it right.

The Deal:  If you’ve never tried Uber, you’ll get a free ride (up to $20) and I’ll get a free ride too. Use Promo Code “74i51” when you download the app and set up your account. Or go to:

Lyft – $20 Account Credit
Lyft and Uber are pretty much the same thing. It’s like Coke and Pepsi. Some prefer one over the other. I tend to be more of a fan of Uber, but Lyft has worked well for me too. A friend of mine had a negative experience in Vegas using them (the driver essentially did an unasked for tour of Vegas), but it was the driver more than it was Lyft’s fault. I’ve used them about a dozen times without a problem.

The Deal: Same as before… if you use my Promo Code “GENO511436” you and I both will get $20 in credit. This won’t work if you already have a Lyft account. It’s just for new customers.

Amazon – Nothing. Absolutely no deal whatsoever. You’re just being nice. 🙂 
I live on Amazon. I’ve got Amazon Prime. It’s so easy. Prices can’t be beat. Deliveries in Tampa are often the same day since they built that warehouse in Ruskin.

The Deal: There’s nothing in it for you on this one. You’re just being nice to me. If you start your Amazon search at, they’ll give me about a $1 credit for every $20 you spend. It helps me pay for this site.

Acropolis Restaurant in South Tampa – $25 for $12.50
Acropolis is one of my favorite spots for Greek food in Tampa Bay. Their chicken souvlaki is my favorite, followed closely by the Korfu chicken sandwich (check out this pic).

The Deal: Go to and grab this half off deal from Creative Loafing. I bought a few of ’em. For every 3 people who grab this deal, they’ll give me 1.