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    I’m not a big TV watcher and cable is getting ridiculously expensive in Tampa. So I am one of those who decided to “cut the cord.” But I still want to watch Lightning and Rays games. I’d heard about watching cable channels online, but wasn’t sure if it was worth it.

    I tried both services for a week and for me there was a clear winner. Here’s my review of both Sling TV and DirecTV Now:

    For me, on every level, DirecTV Now was a much better choice. More channels, better value, better app, better experience, better programming guide. And a free Apple TV beats a free Google Chrome any day of the week. I go into more detail in that link.

    Have you tried them? Which did you like?

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    Ed in Pittsburgh

    Never tried Sling. I hate Dish Networks. Have never had good experiences with them and have heard too many horror stories. Day 2 with Directv. It’s good. They need to get the networks on board before I decide to stick with it. 50/50 on cancelling after my trial. Haven’t had any issues though. Channels look great in HD. Only thing is I notice some image stutter with fast moving stuff like sports.

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    Why no mention of PlayStation Vue? I love mine. They have almost 100 channels and DVR.

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    Ed: I have noticed that about sports – especially hockey games.

    Nate: Just not a gamer I guess. Both Sling TV and DirecTV Now will have DVR soon enough I’m sure. DirecTV Now already has some DVR functions.

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    Ken M

    I am more than happy with my Sling TV sub. I get all my favorite shows live and on Demand from AMC,FX,SYFY,USA.HISTORY etc. Sling has announced that DVR functionality will be added this month. All this for $20 a month. IMHO Sling is the best deal in OTT providers.

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    Jason Kiser

    I agree I had regular Directv before switching to Playstation Vue. Not only can you stream 5 devices at once. Directv now limits streams only two at a time. I have tried it out to test it .I don’t like no DVR and only 2 streams because of kids. I have tried sling also not a fan of having to add extra bundles just to get 1 or 2 channels I want.

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    Jason: yeah the packages on Sling are annoying. Only real option for me was to get the deluxe package which really offsets the money I’m hoping to save getting one of these services.

    I guess I should have looked more at Vue. I keep hearing from people about the DVR feature. I just looked at the packages they offer and they seem kind of pricy. To pay that much, I might as well just get cable?

    DirecTV Now’s 100 channel premium package is only $35. Although I know that price will go up, this is their offer that they will give to early subscribers like me. But they seem pretty firm that my rate will never go up and that I’ll be grandfathered in whenever they do make any rate changes.

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    DirecTV Now is awesome. Got it on Day 1 and it had occasional glitches, but those seemed to be taken care of pretty quick. I signed up for the 3 months to get the Apple TV. There are more channels than I’d ever need. I have an antenna to get local stations so that’s not an issue for me. Can’t imagine ever cancelling. Bye cable!

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    Roy: Feels good doesn’t it? Now if I could only find someone other than the cable companies for internet access. Catch this week’s episode of “Adams Ruins Everything” if you can.

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    Only tried Sling. 30 channels for $25 isn’t worth it. You might as well pay another $15 or 20 to get cable. Signed up for the DirecTv trial today. I like it. OTT providers charging over $50 for any packages though need to realize they’re defeating the purpose of why they exist.

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