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    I’m on social media a lot. It lets me connect with listeners in real time. I get these 3 questions often.

    Why did I follow you?

    I follow back anyone who seems to be a local listener. I also sometimes randomly follow people. Sometimes it’s a Twitter or Instagram suggestion. Sometimes I follow WQYK fans who either came to one of our concerts or mentioned the station. Or it could just be you had a cool tweet I thought was interesting. I like to follow our listeners because when I’m on the air, it lets me know what’s going on at any given minute. I have one of the few live nights shows on the radio in Tampa Bay.

    I’m a listener and followed you. Why don’t you follow me back?

    One of two reasons. 1) You slipped under the radar and I didn’t notice. Or 2) your settings may be set to “private.” I figure I’ll give you your privacy. 🙂 Either way shoot me a message on my Facebook page and I’ll follow ya back:

    Why did I block you?
    If someone unfollows me, I’m assuming they don’t want to keep in touch. To be unblocked, leave a message:

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