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    OK, I got turned on to this new show on Tru TV called The Carbonaro Effect. Basically it’s magic meets Candid Camera. But I’ve yet to find a damn web site that explains how he does the tricks. Some I think I’ve figured out. But most have me baffled. Anyone watching this show?

    Watch the show online: Pilot

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    a lot of these tricks break the laws of physics it would be stupid to believe he could really do theses things like wrapping the presents and the boa trick. Its really neat and entertaining I like watching them even knowing these tricks are impossible and also wondering how they do them in the end I don’t care 🙂 I still watch

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    There are some episodes that I can tell that they are actors… Not every trick is film edited… Some are real… But most are film edited camera tricks.

    There are times where the people are smiling before he is doing anything, kinda like they know what is about to happen.

    So like I said about 70-90% are film edited tricks… Similar to Zach King but on a much higher level.

    The rest are real tricks to throw you off and have real people.

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    I love the show, but come on people PLEASE TELL ME AMERICA IS NOT THIS STUPID, PLEASE!

    Think guys. OK look at the laundry mat one. A lady brings in a bag of clothes, all a mess, he hits the bag and they are all perfectly folded. Now either it’s a camera trick or he can REALLY DO THAT!

    He’s probably a GREAT Magician, a great illusionist, but the camera is definitely involved. Just as most of his victims are not that impressed, most of the public thinks “Wow that was a great trick”, some of them are NOT POSSIBLE FOR ANY MAGICIAN.

    Great show though, best part is his explaining how something works.

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    He performs his tricks for real people and some contain stooges (actors or stage hands in on the effect). Most all of his tricks contain cut away shots where he switches the item in question for the gagged item. This is done during misdirection. However the misdirection is done for the spectator and that part it cut out post production. This has how most TV magic has been done since magicians started filming TV specials starting with David Blaine to Criss Angel, Troy and pretty much all the magicians you see on TV nowadays with a full TV special. TV requires ratings, and sometimes to get the true reactions, camera edits and stooges are needed. While I prefer to see a trick in it’s entirety. I understand why they do it and some tricks are just not possible without a Camera edit and/or stooges. IE most all of Criss Angels effects.

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    People need to understand that in television theres these things called non disclosures that all these people have to sign. You won’t find anything because no one is willing to risk a lawsuit weather it’s fake or not

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    Youtube has some of his illusions revealed.

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    I think that these people others are calling ‘actors’ are like cream of the crop and just never landed jobs? Because these people are really good at acting spontaneous. And confused, and curious. I dunno, I was honestly on here checking because I wondered if like Beyoncé announced, which, when I WROTE HER NAME< it put that little winger on the end! Wow. So like her, sold her soul and now, she does great things in concert because of demons going in her, so SHE claimed, heh. Otherwise, they are lame fakers, who just pay people to react and then they do fake tricks because the camera and wires. ohhh boy. Well, I guess we will see

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    I have been able to debunk almost all of his tricks by simply watching the show. Most people watch him and are thinking in the mind set of the person he is pranking, but simply think in his mind set as the illusionist and you can figure out what he would have to do to make something work. When he’s purposely making you look at something, it’s usually because he doesn’t want you to notice something else happening, for example when he’s holding something up in his left hand to direct your attention at it, you may notice his right hand in the background hanging down below a counter so he can grab or have placed in his hand by someone else the new object that can now come into play and with some good illusionist handwork he does a quick “switcheroo”. Another example, for the “quick change” illusions where his shirt instantaneously changes to a different one, there have been multiple occasions I’ve looked closely and could clearly see lines through his shirt looking how it would if he had a second shirt already on underneath. All he needs are weak breakaway seems meant to come apart on the original shirt and it simply slips right off with a quick tug when he blocks the view so you can’t see it. Remember, illusions are all about perspective, where the viewer is focused, and quick hand work.

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    Let’s just enjoy the show. I have seen Copperfield 5 times live and Melinda 2 times and Siegfreid and Roy. I know not to believe in what I see but I sure do enjoy the show.

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