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    Clearly when they cut to a closeup of Michael distracting the “mark” there are off-camera assistants moving things around. Case in point is the fire hydrant episode. Michael puts the fake hydrant next to the trash can. While he distracts the mark, someone removes the fake hydrant and moves the trash can over a couple of feet, uncovering the real fire hydrant. The trash can had a hole in the bottom of it and had been set over the real hydrant. The mark didn’t notice the change in position because the trash can was still a foot away from the hydrant.

    Not “magic” but still fun to see the reactions of people being tricked.

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    The drone care episode, where the drone brings a kid from North Carolina in a box, he sets the box on the park bench and the kid gets out of the box. Look under the bench and it’s either a mirror to reflects the leaves or a picture of the leaves. It looks different from the rest of the leaves around the bench. The kid is under the bench the whole time and has to be a trap door on the bench which is why he sets the box on the bench and not the ground.

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    I agree on the fact that it’s all fake, edited etc. What gets to me is his acting skills. His horrible surprise emotions. His bs knowledge on things, explanations etc. It’s just terrible and lame.

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    By the way, noticed Michael is going on tour. Has anyone seen his act live? Curious to see how it’s similar or different from the TV show.

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    daniel nevis

    I believe it’s a big production all staged for the digital viewer.
    The hardest part is auditioning the people with exceptional skills in faining suprise and bewilderment. Thats what they would audition for. Just an out of the box view…PEACE

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    They filmed at my job. The people are real they are screened first to make sure they fall for everything. One of my reg customers was on & I joke on him for falling for it all the time. Its all slight of hand & camera work. He also has an older real magician telling him how to do it cause hes really an actor not a magician. The set had the best snacks for the film crew & they let us raid it for putting up with their filming. Oh… If you have dvr & watch in slo-mo you can see the slight of hand.

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    I agree his explanations are the worst. The people on there are not actors but reg people screened for stupidity. If you fall for stupid tricks in screening then they send them in to film.

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    Christina Roland

    So what’s the fanny pack pouches they all wear? I was thinking microphone but if they aren’t actors then how would they know to put it in

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    Come on, think about it. If these people were actors, look at how many people would need to be hired for each trick. He has around four tricks an episode. Each trick has the people he’s performing the trick for. In a lot of cases, there are people in the background. So, does he hire every single person, if there’s a crowd of people in a coffee shop, for example?

    If he is hiring that many people, think about how much money that would cost. It wouldn’t be worth the expense. Also, the reactions are WAY too natural. You would have to be a pretty good actor to pull that off. If you were that good, wouldn’t you be getting roles in movies? Speaking of which, if they were actors, wouldn’t you recognize them when you saw them in something later?

    There are videos he’s posted that show when the trick fails. Is that a setup too? Paying the actors to pretend the trick didn’t work? Nah.

    Magicians think of ways to pull this stuff off. That usually involves slight of hand, misdirection, people helping them, and props. The film editing you see isn’t visual trickery, it’s using the right camera shot to keep viewers from seeing how it’s done. That’s why they cut away to the person, not because they’re editing things with special effects.

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