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    Mark P

    I have watched this show for a while and I
    think the one he is trying to play magic on
    is also in on it as an actor the camera also
    has a lot to do with it for the people watching this at home for ratings

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    Some Guy

    I believe he has a twin brother. Some of these tricks would require it. He’s sexy !

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    Carbonaro is clever and funny. I like his shows and he makes me laff my zzz off sometimes.

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    Please. Just because you see bis hand go below the counter doesn’t mean you figured out the trick. This is not “anyone can do it.” Obviously there is no “magic” pwr se, but his illusions are insane. Best ever.

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    Carlos Danger

    Look up Courtney Chen on IMDb. There is a PICTURE of her on the Carbonara Effect doing a “scene” for the air hockey machine trick. I’d say that’s proof positive they use actors considering she uses it as one of her acting credits.

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    Carlos Danger

    Here is the pic of the actress they used for the air hockey trick on her IMDb page.

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    In episode with two boxes, one marked heavy and one fragile, they are placed on a rolling table. Michael and the actor turn away and the camera zooms in on something they pick up so you can not see the table in the background. When they return to the table the heavy box is now light and the little fragile box is heavy. Unfortunately what the could not get was identical table tops, so it is evident they rolled in a new table, repositioned the table, put the actor’s cell phone back on the table, and the stoner mind-blown helper had no idea. It’s evident this one had a helper. But that’s not to say, I don’t love some of these.

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    I think he is great. The mulmultiplying bunnies was amazing!!

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    Dartee Swanches

    Thank for good information in article. Make me wants to do magic real like. Ain’t gots time for fake thing. Thank again.
    Bye bye

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    David munoz

    Of course the show is fake… unless he plants invisible mics on these people… how is it you can hear everyone crystal clear… it’s BS! But I still like the show!

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