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    Dave Guinn

    I’m positive he has a twin brother. I just finished watching the newest episode where he uses this smelly glue to put together the spice rack and then climbs up a ladder only to reappear behind the victim with a finished spice rack already painted blue. at the 27 min mark you will notice he shows the guy his phone the 2nd time to prove what time it is. you can clearly see his index, middle and ring finger. they are clean. then he walks over to show the guy where he signed the waiver at the 28 min mark. his index and middle finger of the same right hand are holding the paper. if you look at his middle finger you will see blue paint on it. and then at the end of the episode when he puts his right hand on the guys back after he reveals the gag…no more blue paint.

    i really think he has a twin brother that hides and pops in and out. i almost have a suspicion that they have different speech patterns because during one of the sequences during the same episode when the guys back is turned to inspect the blue paint job, he interrupts his own sentence asking “what time was it” and comes in with a different sentence repeating the same word twice. check it out at around the 26 -27 minute mark.

    im not trying to debunk his show. i enjoy it. i just love to try and figure things out. i had a few amateur magic classes back in the day. there was always an explanation. 🙂

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    Liz Knight

    He’s a good actor, as well as everyone on the show. He starred in other shows remember. (camera effects), and there has to be hidden containers holding animals, etc. It’s all about his showmanship. I don’t want to really figure it out, ….as it takes away from the entertainment. The whole show is of course camera effects, and the actors. It’s all behind the scenes.

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    They are not actors. I should know im not an actor and had the effect done to me! Mine didnt make air but i watched persoaly some that did after me. If they only used actors they would not have wasted their time with me!

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    slick d

    The Carbonaro Effect: Magician Michael Carbonaro Tells Us How He Does It

    The show openly admits it uses editing…doesn’t take away from the brilliance of making the target believe the trick. Obvious from the reactions the ‘victims’ aren’t actors – if it were that easy, Scare Tactics and plenty of other prank TV would have been a great shows.

    Carbonaro rocks!

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    Some cheap camera tricks we are far way smarter than he thinks

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    The customers are NOT shills. My daughter read an ad on Craig’s list for a free facial that came with a payment (as though she were a test subject). When I heard of this, I insisted she was walking into a scam. Stubborn as she is, she insisted on going. So my wife went with her to make sure she wasn’t going to be raped or killed. Apparently they were walking into a candid camera trap… and that episode is supposed to air on September 23, 2015. Hopefully they didn’t get cut.

    The gag was that Carbinaro explained the process of the “special” volcanic mud mask. They wanted to show my daughter and wife first someone else getting the treatment and used an old looking lady. When the mask was removed, she was a young woman. Surpise! They did an after gag interview and were paid about $50 each for their time. So at least my wife and daughter were not shills. They are from Russia and probably have no idea what that word even means. LOL

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    Jose Abarca

    I think one of the expisodes I just finished watching had to be cgi!Caberno puts a hole in a sheet of paper, then puts his hand through it with glass behind the paper and his hand goes right through the glass. One of his “customers” does it too.

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    He has an identical twin brother duh ! !

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    Clearly some of the participants are shills. There are obvious edits on seemingly impossible stunts, and the participants are mic’d for sound. Also, it’s obvious with the camera angles on some of the skits that there are camera crew in the room.

    That being said, there are some legit tricks mixed in – but the more complicated and unexplainable magic tricks are simply clever acting and editing.

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    i dont believe for one sec that the people he tricks are actors,no way,and there not all perfect like one of the guys said in a comment,he is good,i love this show,funny how they look when he walks away for a sec ,why do we need to find out how he does it? lets just enjoy the show right? ; )

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