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    There’s just no way I’m going to believe this dude can pull off a trick like creating the illusion of a shrunk boat while his mark is standing there talking to him. And then when the smaller toy boat is revealed there isn’t so much as a ripple. So where did the real yacht go without stirring up the water? Or did it actually shrink… If you think I’d believe that you must think I’m as stoned as the mark in said episode. Either you edited out half an hour where Michael led the guy away and his crew swapped the boats, or that guy was a paid actor, or Michaels dealer.

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    David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty “disappear” in front of a ton of live people as well as a TV viewing audience. A boat is a lot smaller and probably a lot easier to work with. Magicians perform tricks like these on stage all the time. Why is it so hard to believe that a magician could perform them for unwitting folks at various locations, on TV?

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    A trick VERY similar to this was performed live on stage on America’s Got Talent a season or 2 ago. The guy put his hand through what appeared to be solid glass. I figure what Michael did for this trick on TV is probably the same as this guy did on stage. There are no camera tricks for the magicians that are performing for a million dollars, so why would Michael need them to perform this trick? And I am pretty sure I know the trick you are referring to, and the customer does NOT do it too. The customer tries repeatedly to do it, but is not able to. I am pretty sure it was the one in the coffee shop with the free pastries that can only be retrieved with a special paper to get through the glass because there is no door. I have seen nothing in the show to make me think that the marks are anything other than real people. I think a lot of them are pre-selected so that they will have certain information about them in order to perform the trick the way it needs to be done. There are also ways to force a response from someone that is what you want them to say without them knowing that they were coerced. Just do a little research into how magic tricks are done and you will start to understand that there is an explanation for every trick.

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    Openly admits it uses editing to keep you from seeing how the trick is being done and for time. Not editing to create the trick altogether. Those are VERY different things.

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    OK. Someone explain this one then. Carbonaro poses as a convenience store clerk. An elderly lady approaches the counter with 3 bottles of water. If you look behind the magician you’ll notice a bottle of water on a shelf with a red envelope sitting next to it. It was sitting there before the woman approached the counter and has a letter to the customer inside it. In the sa
    me episode an elderly woman is given a ‘prize’ which is 2 valentine bears with her and her boyfriend names on their shirts. Explain to me how that is sleight of hand or even stage magic.

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    Who cares,if it’s a little fake. He is beyond cute and fun to watch. He has the gift of gab.

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    It’s definitely fake and he may even have a twin. There was an episode however where he had self tying shoelaces. The camera never cut the scene so basically he shook his leg and his shoelaces went from untied to tied in one take. Sometimes he does s tricks like this without switching cameras which is cool. But still 99% is disappointing.

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    The camera angles have to switch so that you, the viewer, cannot see how he is doing the trick. It wouldn’t be much fun if you saw him switching from a live turtle to a fake one or if you saw him palm the item he is about to produce out of “nowhere.” So the camera switches are not so that they can stop filming and change the scene. It is just to prevent you from seeing how the trick is done. For further example, there is a trick where he is supposed to be levitating inside a box at the gym. He is demonstrating this for his personal training customer. He is supposedly floating about 2 inches off the ground, inside this box. If you were able to see this trick from a different angle, you would see that he has a mirror in the box, diagonally. That way the customer is seeing a reflection if the levitating foot so it appears that both are coming off the ground, but he is really just going up on his tiptoe on the foot the customer cannot see.
    There are plenty of tricks where he has to switch from having one item in his hand to having another. If they used the camera angle that showed him making the switch, that wouldn’t make it very magical to the viewer. I think that a lot of times they cut out some of the prep work for the trick for time sake. The show is only 22 mins. He probably spent that long or more with each of his targets performing the trick. Obviously they cannot show the whole thing. Sometimes they cut out some portions that had no bearing on the trick itself so that it flows a little faster and results in a more dramatic change for the TV viewer as well. For example, there are times where he needs to make a switch but we are unable to see where he would have done that switch. I think in those situations we are missing a little chunk of the action that would have shown us when the switch happened. Magicians routinely perform these types of tricks on stage all the time. Why is it that Michael needs camera tricks to performs them, but all those other magicians don’t?

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    It is quite ridiculous to suggest he has a twin. Magicians perform tricks on stage all the time where they do something on stage and, all of a sudden, they are no longer on stage and show up at the back of the audience or in the balcony. Michael performs this same sort of trick all the time on the show. He climbs up a ladder and now he is on the ground, behind the target. He falls into a box and now he shows up across the room, in a different box, moments later. These tricks involve building items that facilitate the trick and creating a path for him to take to get to the alternate location without the target seeing him do it. A lot of his tricks are just “Magic 101” and very easy to figure out. There is no camera trickery, twins or some kind of deal with the devil here. Just illusions.

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    Gill here is your explanation. The targets were selected ahead of time. They were sent there by someone and the crew knew they were coming, or they participated in something or spoke to someone shortly before the trick is performed that allowed them to harvest the information they needed for the trick. For example, psychics that do shows with live audiences will have people out talking to the audience members ahead of time or having them fill out forms that ask them a bunch of questions to obtain the necessary information. That information is then fed to the “psychic” through an earpiece so that he/she can seem like they know some special thing that no one could have known. They don’t even put two and two together and realize that they just told that information to someone else because they want so desperately to believe that they are really making contact with their lose loved ones.
    They could have someone in the store, striking up a conversation with the customers. Then, when that particular person comes to the counter, they feed information to Michael or prepare the papers so that it has the correct information on it. Then Michael just has to select the correct envelope or say the right things. It is a pretty simple process.

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