"Geno's Last Call" Pick The Last Song of the Night


Here’s a fun feature I do on the 99.5 QYK night show from time to time. I let you pick the last song I play before I head home for the night. Maybe there’s a song you used to hear on QYK but you don’t hear much anymore. Maybe there’s a new song that’s out there you like that we just started playing. Or if there’s just a song that’s perfect for what’s happened in your world today, go with that. It’s up to you!

I’ll post a status update on my Facebook (http://facebook.com/WQYKGeno) if I’m doing a “Last Song of the Night.” Simply leave a comment with the song you want to hear. Also click “LIKE” on any requests others left that you like. The song with the most likes will be the one I play.


The “rules”

– It’s gotta be a song I have available to me in the studio. (I can’t play stuff from the internet.) If it’s a song I don’t have, I’ll play the song that has the next most likes. If it’s a song you haven’t heard on QYK yet, feel free to buzz me to see if I have it. 1-800-992-1099.

– So we don’t play the same song every time, once a song gets played, it’s retired for 30 days.

2 comments on “"Geno's Last Call" Pick The Last Song of the Night”

  1. Matthew says:

    strawberry wine by deana carter or x’s and o’s by trisha yearwood

  2. Valerie says:

    Diamond rings and old bar stools

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